"Front-runner in the Business World of Cosmetics, Cotteria"

What is beloved as the by far excellent product in the publicity event is the vision of 21C Cotteria.
Bags and Skin-care products of Cotteria are beloved as the one and only brand for articles for cosmetics and pack products for skin-care in our country.
In addition, We think the thing we will have to do to increase the confidence of customers to our products is to pursuit the best product in the respect of quality, price, ad service. To make the best merchandise our pride, we will exert ourself to development investment for new products, quality control, perfect spirit of service and most of all, we will produce the products thoroughly answering for the taste of our customers, overcoming the wall of diversity of technical quality. Cotteria is crated through continuous development of new products and many-sided verification. As those are the spirit which support us, even in 21C, we will continuously develop new products with such spirit to make a promise to each of our customer to grow as a sensuous, fresh and original brand.


Hualim Travelling Goods Co. Ltd. was established in China by Mr. Kim Yung Ki, a korean, on Oct. 20th, 2003. our headquarter based in Daegu, Korea. in there the company name and the brand mark are both " COTTERIA ".

In Korea we have 6 branches around the whole country (Daejun, Busan, Inchun, Chungju, Gwangju, zeju.) Our business scope covers bag and skin care products. Depending on the distributed sales system around the country, parts of the bags from our factory in China were sold in Korea and the other parts are provided for exported business.

Our factory can produce all kinds of bags, such as hiking bag, school bag, travel bag, hand bag, shoulder bag, cosmetic bag, briefcase etc. Our products are exported to Japan , USA, German and other asian countries.

We have 206 employees in factory, 12 for executive department, the rest workers are all for producing line.

We have a full set of advanced technology and facilities, such as the general sewing machine, 340 and 390 model sewing machine. Especially also having the twins-needle sewing machine. Those all for the auto system producing line and keep our products always in high quality.

The good characters of our factory is :

1.experienced and skilled korean technicians full-time for training and check the workers of producing line. it can insure the products always in good quality.
2.we welcome all OEM buyers and we can make the bags according to the customers' demand.

3.we have many experience in export business. so we know what is the buyers real want and can try our best to serve our them well.

4.we also have our own bag designers. so we always keep our products in trend.